An Introduction to Yazzii Bags

We are proud to call Yazzii one of our biggest supporters!  Thanks for all you do Yazzii to help us make our shop hops fun and exciting!

At an age when most people are ready for retirement, the enterprising and ever charismatic Yasmita turned a chance meeting 18 years ago into a flourishing business. In 2001, after gracefully bowing out of the travel industry, she saw a gap in the market for a bag that was beautiful, lightweight and would help organize jewelry and accessories for travelers.

Armed with a simple idea and a self-made prototype, originally meant to organize jewelry, this bag quickly became so much more. A fortuitous meeting with an avid crafter in March 2001 formed the basis for the design of the very first Craft Storage Bag from Yazzii. A bag that now helps crafters around the world prepare, organize, store and work on all kinds of projects on the go, or in the comfort of their home.

Yasmita is savvy and passionate about the bags she designs and takes them around the world to international craft and gift exhibitions. Her resourcefulness has enabled her to widen her distribution network to wholesalers and retailers, reaching craft enthusiasts worldwide. She is a keen listener, incorporating the feedback and advice of serious crafters into the design of her product to make it more user friendly and practical.

Having been in the business for close to two decades, Yasmita does not intend to rest on her laurels as she is keen to leave behind a mark on the crafting community. Her innovative ideas – year after year – are a result of commitment, hard work and design improvements in response to the needs of her customers requirements. What sets her well above the competition is her excellent and prompt customer service standards, ensuring her customers keep coming back for more.